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Crawley Luxury Colours company provides innovative systems for mixing paints and varnishes for the equipment of car workshops and paint shops. Thanks to our passion, commitment, experience and knowledge, we are able to meet the most demanding client and provide professional advice. We work with leading brands in the paint industry, which allows us to offer our clients a wide range of high quality products. We offer modern systems for mixing automotive paints and varnishes with a full assortment of additives necessary in car workshops, paint shops and mixing plants. We provide comprehensive support of a qualified technical division and convenient commercial and logistics conditions. Our paint mixing service offers innovative systems for the renovation of cars and trucks, as well as materials for car paint repairs. What brands can you find in our wide range? Without a doubt the very best ones! The producers we cooperate with are top of the top in the industry. This ensures the highest class and best quality of products we offer in our paint mixing service.

In our Crawley Luxury Colours warehouse you can find paints and varnishes of such companies as: Dupont, 3M, Norton, Festool, Indasa, Imron, Centari, Cromax, Cromax Pro, Loltite, Teroson, 3750s, 3800s, cc6600. We offer professional car make-up for individual customers, entrepreneurs, as well as paint and car companies. The service is based on a computer matching system. The service is performed quickly, efficiently and professionally. We are currently at the stage of opening an online store. So if you have too far, visit our webstore. You will buy everything there that you need to repair and mask damage to the car bodywork.

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