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The car’s bodywork is exposed to the toughest tests. Scratches, rust, holes, dents (also after passing hail) – at least one of these disasters affects or unfortunately touches the body of each car. Modern car bodies require the introduction of a new technological approach that will be able to meet the high quality requirements of repair, but also high price competition. At our terminal in Crawley we have a professional technical background, where we offer a wide range of services in the field of comprehensive car body repair. The high standard of repairs and the short time of their implementation is possible thanks to highly qualified and experienced specialists, as well as the use of modern, top-class equipment and materials. The quality of our services is confirmed by our satisfied customers. Many years of experience and high level of skills have made us enjoy a very good reputation among clients from Crawley.

What can we offer you as part of the car body repair? First of all, we have all the necessary machines and tools for shaping and profiling sheet metal on all elements. We restore the original look, the original structure of the varnish coat, we give and preserve a splendid gloss. We offer periodical inspections of the car body condition, resulting in a reduction in the cost of a potential sheet metal repair and varnish. The main advantage of car body repair at our headquarters in Crawley is primarily the fact that repairs are carried out on the highest quality factory elements installed during production. Dents repair are carried out quickly, precisely, without damaging structural joints of the car body.

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