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Scratches on the car body do not only look aesthetically pleasing, but are also dangerous for your car. It’s worth eliminating them as soon as possible. Exposed plate can cause that rust will appear in the car body, which can be very dangerous for the car. To avoid this, you should go to our repair center in Crawley as soon as possible. We offer comprehensive support in the field of car spraying. Typical damage, such as standard scratches, abrasions and splinters, are ideal for methods we use in our headquaters in Crawley. It is worth to inspect car paint on your favorite car.

Seemingly everything is fine, but when we leave the car wash it is worth looking at the varnish in which the sun reflects. During operation, scratches appear, distortions shimmering like a hologram or changes in the shade of the varnish. Such damage can be removed by car paint repair which including polishing the varnish. The use of our professional car spray methods allows to reduce the painted area to the necessary minimum. On most surfaces of the car the original paint is left, the area of repair is small and invisible. Thanks to the good color matching, the painted area will not be different from the rest of the car body, which will avoid shading of neighboring elements.


At our car repair center in Crawley, we offer our clients the highest quality painting services. We have high-quality tools, thanks to which car respray is characterized by precision of execution and attention to every detail. We use only proven and safe paint preparations. No matter what your car looks like at the time of putting it in our hands. In the Luxury Colors workshop, we make sure that your car looks as if it has just left the showroom. We guarantee that tinsmithing and painting performed by our qualified and experienced employees will meet your most demanding expectations. You will certainly be satisfied with our work!

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