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Even if we drive carefully and we park properly, we are not able to avoid minor damage to the car body. Delicate rubbing and scratches on the car’s varnish are often “souvenirs” mainly from tight and crowded parking lots or narrow residential streets. In addition, there are damage to the paint simply related to everyday driving. It is enough to hit the sand or small stones, getting out from under the wheels, so that the paint chips will appear on the car bodywork. Any, even the smallest damage to this coating can not be ignored. Each of them in a short time can become a focus of corrosion.¬†When the rust appears it is much harder to remove. Therefore, you need to act quickly to avoid unnecessary complications. In many cases the intervention of an experienced specialist is required.

In Luxury Colours wide range we also deal with bumper scuff reapir. Our car workshop in Crawley ensures fast and safe removal of scratches and abrasions. The methods we use are designed to remove scratches and restore color depth. We use a unique and patented equivalent of car paint with special properties, which provides a permanent solution to the problem of small and medium scratches or spatters. Scratches and splinters become virtually undetectable after repair, and what is very important the varnish meter can not detect any repair. The effect is stunning and the technology we use does not wipe off the car’s shell.
You can trust us with your car and forget your worries.

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