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Take advantage of the help of specialists and the best professionals from Crawley Luxury Colours company. In our car repair center we use both modern solutions and traditional methods. We are ready for our tasks and we are up to date when it comes to technical innovations.


We are open to cooperation with any professionals in the area of UK. We offer the highest quality products, the best brands, attractive and competitive prices and fast delivery.
We provide advice and help and encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer!


We always try to choose the way of the car repair, that is the most beneficial for the customer. It is important for us to optimize time and costs.
Depending on the type of damage, we use different types of repair technology.


Depending on the nature and severity of car bodywork damage, we can offer our customers many types of solutions.
We are able to cope with every challenge and we guarantee certainty in getting the desired results!


We perform comprehensive removal of dents in the car body created during small road collisions, parking damage or atmospheric phenomena such as hailstorm. We provide a short repair time and restoration of the car body to the state before the damage occurred.


Entrusting us with your car to remove scratches and abrasions is tantamount to guaranteeing a high quality of the varnish correction, eliminating differences in the color of individual car bodywork elements, short delivery time and a very attractive price list! We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the service we offer you.


Due to variations we use in the car spraying technology, the varnish of your car regains its depth, colour and beautiful gloss.Do not delay! We guarantee a great effect at a reasonable price.
Entrust us with your car.
We will deal with it professionally!

We work with leading car paint and varnish producers. We distribute products and tools used in professional car repair services.



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High Quality Car Paint Mixing

Our motto is to constantly improve the level of services and loyalty to our clients. We introduce more and more modern work tools that help our clients to work with us.

  • We focus on high quality service. Our employees are primarily advisors to our clients.

  • Our activity is stable and long-term. We count on cooperation with a loyal group of clients who are interested in stable cooperation with a reliable company.

  • We are convinced thatcooperation will bring satisfaction and benefits for each of the parties.

  • We try to the keep the best prices on the market, taking into account high service standards.

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We have gained experience in the industry for many years, working on projects throughout Europe. Our employees are characterized by professionalism and passion for the profession they carry out. Luxury Colours company is prepared for all kinds of repairs both in terms of qualified staff and specialized equipment needed for professional car repairs. We train and develop skills in our field of car repair service.

Our company never fail and always try to make the customer satisfied with our services. We put a lot of effort into what we do and try to do it the best we can.

We are well-experienced specialists in our field of car repair service. We carry out the thorough inspection of the car taking into account all aspects of damage. Each car repair must be preceded by an accurate diagnosis of its damage. In this case, we need to take into account not only their character and scale, but also the function of the damaged element in the entire car bodywork and structure. Only the sum of all these arrangements allows you to choose the optimal remedy method.
Our passion for motorization and meticulousness in the car repair process allow us to maintain the highest quality and presidency. We are certainly trustworthy.

During all car service works we use the most modern measuring and welding techniques using high quality equipment for car repairs. For the needs of the paint shop, there is a varnish mixing plant equipped with a computer system of color selection supported by well-experienced technicians from our company. We are intensively developing our technical facilities. The equipment used in our car workshop is modern and allows for quick removal of damage.Regular employee training ensures the highest level of service. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our car repair services.

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